Photo Wall

I’m a super slow decorator, it’s a fact. I’ve had this idea in my head for over a year now, and its taken me this long to finish it (sad, I know). I’m pleasantly surprised at how effortless this project was, and I feel kind of silly (read: super silly) for not doing this sooner.

At first I wanted to use twine, but my inability to navigate the dollar store and the craft store made my search pretty useless. Both of these stores had an abundance of ribbon, so I thought I might as well use some pretty ribbon instead. But at that point I was inside Indigo and lo and behold, there was a sale. I abandoned my search for craft supplies pretty quickly, and ended up walking out of the store with this.

I eventually recalled what I was there for, and grabbed the first roll I saw. And to think, that was all I needed. After I paid for all my goodies, I decided that was the most expensive ribbon I’ve ever bought.

I think my photo wall turned out pretty great, and I’m excited to see what ends up on it in the future.

ps. pride and prejudice and zombies ;)


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