Move Along


Two thousand and thirteen.

I plan on documenting the next 365 days here, and putting everything else on WordPress.

New year, new projects, and a theoretical new start.

I plan on making 2013 spectacular, it’s a fact. I have no desire to see what rock bottom looks like, but it doesn’t matter: I won’t be there anyways. I’m excited with the prospects of something new and fresssssssssh. I’m gonna attend as many soirees as possible, share foodie thoughts, jump up and down on some trampolines, knit things, catch up with friends from around the world, and run, run, run. Oh and lift weights too. (Do you even lift brah?)

and if everything goes my way, maybe I’ll even put on my traveling shoes and explore this magical world with the possibility of never coming home…or at least until I’m broke.


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